What is this?

Current version:
0.8a, released on November 20th, 2011.
MC 1.0 compatibility update

Piehole is a 16x16 pixel texture-pack for Minecraft 1.0 - Not compatible with 1.6.x or lower!
Minecraft is a indie game produced by what one might call a bunch of nerds who don't know how to run a company. Get amusingly (mis)informed about it by the Yogscast!

After taking a break following the 1.0 release and a failure to catch up quickly, the development stopped for that and some other reasons - including simply not being as motivated to catch up after having personally lost interest in the game even long before the break.
You are free to use elements of piehole for your own packs or to update and release it under new name yourself - Better late than never!

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Piehole by Alex Voelk is licensed under a Creative Commons License.




Quite outdated playlist of videos featuring piehole.
Got a decent video featuring piehole and want it featured here? Let me know!


of assets for an abandoned adventure-map project,
featuring the unreleased "piehole adventure"

The first rule of PR.
A response to the Yogscast/Minecon debacle.

Swedish Apple Trees
How I imagine they look like

The piehole-skull
featured in the Yogscast:
"Shadow of Israphel"

Very much unrelated:

Check out Deadweed
a free (but unpolished) little "farm simulation" game
created in less than a month in 2011.

That's not the texture-pack I'm looking for!

Not simple/clean enough?
Try the ultraclean Tronic, Linecraft(32x), Frenden or the very cute Girlcraft.
Too clean?
Take a look at the overwhelmingly customizable Painterly.
For a classic adventure look give Gerodoku a try.

How do I install this?

PC:Run Minecraft > click 'Mods and Texture Packs' > click 'Open texture pack folder' > copy the downloaded zip into the now open folder and close it > select 'piehole' in the open selection screen in Minecraft.

MAC: Find detailed instructions here.

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You can use this formspring account to contact me. If you insist you could also try this twitter account - maybe I'll even start using it...
Please refrain from e-mail.

I like those pixels, can I have them?

Yes, piehole is now free to fiddle around with!
Some people already didn't mind silly things like copyright & "don't rehost" wishes in the first place and sites like planetminecraft.com simply ignored inquiries to remove respective copies anyway.
Just give credit - a proper link back to this page or the youtube video would be nice additional touch.

If you create an updated pack and want it featured here, let me know!

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Piehole by Alex Voelk is licensed under a Creative Commons License.